Thank you so much SB Members of Medina headed by Vice Mayor Kimboy Poligrates Odchigue for giving us time to explain re: increase in power bill for the month of May, Pantawid Liwanag Program, Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act and Sitio Electrification Program.

Thank you also Mayor Donato N. Chan for your full support to the rural electrification program.

The MORESCO 2 Board of Directors headed by its President Jovinita T. Calingin together with the management conducted IEC on Pantawid Liwanag, ERC Advisory, IRR on Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act at the Office of the Mayor of Gingoog City.

With me are the District Directors in Gingoog City, Dir. Mark R. Valdevilla and Dir. Eduardo O. Bacasnot, GM Cañada, Engr. Roy G. Balingit, Engr. Robert J. Gayoso, Engr. Rogelio A. Montalba.

Thank you so much Mayor Erick Cañosa and City Administrator Elvin Restituto for giving us your time and support to the rural electrification program.


Oath Taking of the EC-WIDE MCOO Officers administered by Hon. Nolie Pupos, the barangay chairman of North Poblacion, Medina. Thank you Brgy. Capt. Pupos for giving us your time despite your hectic schedule.

Right after the 2nd Quarterly Meeting, BOD Pres. Jovinita T. Calingin gave face masks and half sack of rice to the MCOO Officers.

Thank you so much BOD Pres. Juv Tomines Calingin for sharing your blessings to our MCOO Officers…👍👍👍Great Job…

Thank you also to the MCOO Officers for coming despite this pandemic…

MABUHAY ang ONE-EC-MCO Movement!!!

2nd Quarterly Meeting of MORESCO 2 EC-WIDE MCOO Officers with ATTY. JOHN REY TOMINES as presiding officer. Also present: Pres. Jovinita T. Calingin, Dir. Amado B. Ke-e, GM Ronel B. Cañada.

1. Pantawid Liwanag
2. ERC Advisory
3. IRR of RA 11361-Anti- Obstruction of Power Lines Act
4. Other Matters

Courtesy Call and Coordination Meeting with Mayor Angelo Capistrano, Jr. of Salay and Mayor Romeo Gue of Binuangan re: Pantawid Liwanag, ERC Directive, IRR of Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act.

With MORESCO 2 Officials headed by Pres. Jovinita T. Calingin, Dir. Ernesto J. Ohiman, GM Ronel B. Cañada, Engr. Roy G. Balingit, Engr. Eduardo S. Mercedes and ISDM


As COVID-19 cases increase sharply nationwide, MORESCO II Management is urging the MCO’s, Employees and Visitors to wear masks upon entering our premises. Our Main Office and Sub-offices are still operating and open to serve you from Mondays to Fridays.

Keep safe everyone!

To all our valued Member-Consumer-Owners:

As an update to MORESCO II official statement. We are pleased to inform you that we have recieved an advisory from the Department of Energy (DOE) that our power suppliers are mandated to grant a 30-day extension for the payment of bills.

In line with the recieved advisory from the Department of Energy (DOE) on the mandated 30-day extension for the payment of bill to power supplier, MORESCO II also extend the same favor to its member-consumer-owner a 30-day extension for the payment of bill.

Member-Consumer-Owners who still wants to pay their bills you may do so through our Area Sub-Offices and other Accredited Banks and Paying Stations.

To all our Member-Consumer-Owners rest assure that continuous delivery of our Electric services to our franchise coverage areas, and particularly critical loads such as hospitals, medical/health institutions, government offices, basic utility providers,Disaster Risk Reduction Offices, PNP and AFP offices among others.

MORESCO II is one with the Philippine government and local government units in the fight against COVID-19. We take our member-consumer-owner’s health and priority.

Stay safe and healthy!


Ronel B. Cañada, REE
General Manager

They put their lives at risk!

Schools closed.
Offices closed.
Malls are empty.
Events called off.
Flights grounded.
Economy down.
Even international borders are closed.


Lineworkers of distribution facilities are still serving the people. We are still helping and serving our member-consumer-owners. We don’t hesitate to provide reliable, sustainable, and efficient electricity to our MCOs.

We are also a high-risk community, yet we are not stepping back…

We are the Lineworkers in distribution utilities.

(Recopied & Reposted)


Salute to our Warrior of Light!


Take steps to protect yourself

Clean your hands often:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Avoid close contact:

Avoid close contact with people who are sick
Put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community. This is especially important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick.

📌Take steps to protect others
man in bed

Stay home if you’re sick:

Stay home if you are sick, except to get medical care. Learn what to do if you are sick.

woman covering their mouth when coughing

Cover coughs and sneezes:

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow.
Throw used tissues in the trash.
Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Wear a face mask if you are sick:

If you are sick: You should wear a facemask when you are around other people (e.g., sharing a room or vehicle) and before you enter a healthcare provider’s office. If you are not able to wear a facemask (for example, because it causes trouble breathing), then you should do your best to cover your coughs and sneezes, and people who are caring for you should wear a facemask if they enter your room. Learn what to do if you are sick.

If you are NOT sick: You do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask). Facemasks may be in short supply and they should be saved for caregivers.

Clean and disinfect:

Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.
If surfaces are dirty, clean them: Use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.




District II – Balingasag/Jasaan Election for MORESCO 2 Board of Director.Congratulations to the newly elected Board od Director, ATTY. MELCHOR M. CUBILLO (lone candidate). Special thanks to Balingasag Municipal Mayor, Alexis S. Quina for administering the Oath of Office right after the proclamation of the DECOM as winning candidate. Thank you also to the members of DECOM chaired by Mrs. Virgencita O. Mejorada; to the PECOM chaired by Mrs. Ma. Luisa L. Sinogaya; and to all election committee.


To all our valued Member-Consumer Owners:

Please be informed that the Unscheduled Power Interruption today, March 13, 2020 is an Emergency Shutdown of Gingoog Sub-Station due to loose connection of GROUNDING CONDUCTORS of POWER TRANSFORMER resulting of high amperes that may cause damage of Power Transformer.

The affected areas

📍entire Gingoog City
📍entire Magsaysay
Misamis Oriental

Power Service will be restored upon completion of all works and repairs.

This is for your information and we apologized for the inconvenience.

To all our valued Member-Consumer Owners:

Please be informed that the unscheduled Power Interruption this afternoon, March 12, 2020 is due to a Busted Fuse link of Primary Line at P-2 Brgy. Punong, Gingoog City.

📍Affected areas are from Brgy. Anakan to Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental

Maintenance Crew are currently working on the Disrupted Line. Power will be restored upon completion of all works and replacement of Fuse Link will be done.

This is for your information and we apologized for the inconvenience.

MORESCO 2 (EC- WIDE) Federation of MCOO Officers :

FINALLY DONE with the reorganization of MORESCO 2 (EC- WIDE) Federation of MCOO Officers and First Quarter Meeting. Congratulations to the newly elected officers, to wit:
Chairman-Atty. John Rey Tomines; V-Chairman – Mr. Alvin Edades; Secretary – Mr. Savy Jess Soldevilla; Treasurer – Mr. Beethoven Obedencio; Auditor – Mr. Anacleto Mejares; P. I. O. – Mr. Pedrito Flores; Business Managers – Mr. Edwin Macabinlar; Mr. Bernard Winstanley and Mr. Leo Pollentes. Thank you also to the Board of Directors for the warm welcome and allowing the Federation Officers to attend the Board Meeting. MABUHAY ang ONE EC-MCO MOVEMENT

MORESCO ll Initiated a Defensive Driving Course Training to Coop – based personnel whose work includes driving on February 27 & 28, 2020 with our Resource Speaker Engr. Teodoro V. Cahoy, Opening Remarks by our General Manager, Engr. Ronel B. Canada and Introduction of Speaker by our Institutional Services Dept. Manager, Cynthia P. Quimno held at MORESCO II Headquarter Office, Medina, Misamis Oriental.

This course is designed to enhance the skills of the personnel on defensive driving. The training is structured to include a series of lectures, discussions and post-exam. Oral/Written examination on traffic signs and defensive driving will be administered to measure the Coop Personnel’ knowledge on how to drive defensively as well as his aptitude for road safety.

Defensive Driving is essentially driving in a manner that utilizes safe driving strategies to enables motorists to address identified hazards in a predictable manner. These strategies go well beyond instruction on basic traffic laws and procedures.

With Defensive Driving Course Training, Coop’s Personnel learn to improve their driving skills by reducing their driving risks by anticipating situations and making safe well-informed decisions. Such decisions are implemented based on road and environmental conditions present when completing a safe driving maneuver.

Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association  at the House of Representatives Philippines Congress.

Our fellow Warriors of Light are now inside the plenary hall at the House of Representatives as they await the privilege speeches of the #PowerBlocrecognizing their unwavering efforts to uphold our advocacy💡


Yesterday, February 17, 2020, was another breakthrough for the One EC Movement. Over 700 Warriors of Light from the Rural Electric Cooperatives across the Philippines were invited to the House of Representatives to be recognized for their relentless, passionate and unwavering dedication to the movement.

They are the Warriors of Light who participated in the Power Restoration Rapid Deployment- Task Force (PRRD-TF) Typhoon Tisoy and Typhoon Ursula that devastated parts of the country last year.

Our Warriors of Light are the modern superheroes who selflessly put their lives on the line just to provide service to our dearest Member-Consumer-Owners.

Salute to all our Warriors of Light! May you continue to keep the fire in your hearts to serve with passion and dedication,

Just a friendly reminder from your PHILRECA Family to always abide by the safety measures laid out by our Philippine Electric Cooperatives Association of Safety and Environment Officers (PECASEO)

United we stand, WE STAND UNITED 💡

First Quarter Meeting of District I (Claveria) Member Consumer Owners Organization (DMCOO)

First Quarter Meeting of District I (Claveria) Member Consumer Owners Organization (DMCOO) with the presence of its district directress and the then Board President of MORESCO II, JOVINITA T. CALINGIN. Also present were the ever supportive Board of Directors: Dir. Ernesto J. Ohiman-BOD Vice President, Dir. Romeo B. Acenas- BOD Secretary and Dir. Lydia V. Enterina- BOD Treasurer.

One of the agenda of the said meeting was the reorganization of DMCOO Officers.Congratulations to the newly elected officers.

Thank you District 1 BMCOO Chairmen for your support and cooperation to the ONE EC- MCO Movement…

First Quarter Meeting of District III MCOO

MORESCO II conducted the First Quarter Meeting of District III- Lagonglong, Salay and Binuangan Member Consumer Owners Organization (MCOO) with their district director, Ernesto J. Ohiman. Also present were Dir. Lydia V. Enterina of Dustrict V, Dir. Romeo B. Acenas of District IV and Dir. Danilo P. Subrado of District II. One of the agenda is the Election of Officers and newly elected officers immediately took their oath of office which was administered by Brgy. Capt. Cirilo Ignalig of Dampias, Kinoguitan. Thank you so much Brgy. Capt. Ugnalig and to all the Barangay MCOO Chairmen in Dustrict IV for support and cooperation to the One EC MCO Movement

First Quarter Meeting of District IV MCOO

First Quarter Meeting of District IV (Balingoan-Kinoguitan-Balingoan) MCOOs and Reorganization of Officers. Also present was Dir. Romeo B. Acenas. Right after the election, the newly elected officers took their oath of office which was administered by the ABC President of Sugbongcogon, Brgy. Capt. Rolando Rojo.Congratulations to the newly elected officers and thank you barangay chairmen of District IV for your support and cooperation to the ONE EC-MCO Movement.

First Quarter Meeting of District II (Balingasag) MCOO

MORESCO II conducts First Quarter Meeting of District II (Balingasag) MCOO with the presence of Dir. Danilo P. Subrado. The following agenda were discussed:
1. Status of the One EC-MCO movement
2. Updates of the Party list
3. Open Furom
4. Election of officers
5. Oath taking of the newly elected officers – administered by Hon. Roderick John Almendrala
Thank you so much Brgy. Capt. Almendrala and to all the barangay chairmen of MCOOs in Balingasag and Jasaan for your support and cooperation to the One EC-MCO Movement

Reorganization of District VI – Medina MCOO

First Quarter Meeting of District VI (Medina) Member Cinsumer Owners Organization (MCOO) and reorganization of officers. Also present was Dir. Amado B. Ke-e. Gm Cañada welcomed the participants. Oath of Office of the newly elected officers was administered by the Brgy. Capt. of North Poblacion, Hon. Nolie Pupos. Thank you so much for Brgy. Capt. Pupos abd to the barangay MCOO chairmen for your support and cooperation to the One EC MCO Movement.

Reorganization of District VIII  MCOO

1st Quarter Meeting of District VIII – Gingoog East Member Consumer Owners Organization (MCOO) and reorganization of officers. Congratulations to the newly elected officers and thank you barangay chairmen of Gingoog East for your continued support and cooperation to the ONE EC MCO Movement…

Reorganization of District IX MCOO

Reorganization of District IX (Magsaysay) Member Consumer Owners Organization (MCOO) Officers with the presence of Dir. Danielo D. Jamolin. Said officers immediately took their Oath of Office which was administered by Brgy. Capt. Ernesto Ballard of Artadi, Magsaysay. Thank you so much Capt. Ballard and Barangay MCOO Chairmen of Magsaysay for your support and cooperation.

“MORESCO-2 Warriors Of Light”

FEBRUARY 3, 2020 – General Manager Engr. Ronel B. Cañada and Technical Services Department Manager Engr. Roy G. Balingit spearheaded the sending off of six (6) MORESCO-2 Line Warriors to Aklan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AKELCO) to aid the restoration and rehabilitation of damaged Electric Distribution Lines divastated by Typhoon Ursula last December 24, 2019.

Our warriors of light lead by Rey Ryan Biong together with Nelson Yting, Ryan Cabillan, Andy Gallogo, Renato Casing and Reybie Amahan are among the Warriors of Ligth deployed to Eastern Visayas had simultaneous rehabilitation and savvy the coverage area of restoration. Thier arrival has embraced them with immediate action, braving the heat of the sun and had never stalled since day one.

AKELCO’s gratefulness overflows to everyone who have helped speed up the Power Restoration including the hospitality and all-out support by thier MCO’s which there are areas in Aklan that our Warriors of Lights were given help from Locals thru they own effort, stated by Rey Ryan Biong.

Our six (6) Warriors of Ligth has been sent back and currently working at thier respective Duties and Resposibilties after the AKELCO’s Send-Off Program composed of 202 line warriors from 22 electric cooperatives receiving their certificates of appreciation and token from AKELCO conducted last January 24, 2020.

MORESCO-2 Family salute you. You are not just the WARRIORS OF LIGHT but you’ve shown that Taskforce Kapatid is HEROES SOLIDARITY.

#WarriorsOfLight #TaskforceKapatid


January 11, 2020 – (MORESCO II) on its 1st Quarter GENERAL EMPLOYEES MEETING held at MORESCO-II HQ Office, Medina Misamis Oriental. The objective is to provide Updates, Deliver Announcements, Share Information, Work planning and Decision Making to collaborate each Departments and Sub-Offices together with the Board of Directors by providing feedbacks, sharing ideas and asking questions.


Misamis Oriental II Electric Service Cooperative, Inc. among with other EC’s are helping to restore electricity in areas of Eastern Visayas damaged by typhoon “Ursula”. Among the 55 linemen deployed by EC’s in Mindanao, Six#WarriorsOfLight from MORESCO-II were sent to Kalibu, Aklan for the restoration of damaged lines by the typhoon last Dec. 24, 2019.#TeamMORESCO2 – with thier Utility Vehicle – has helped massive restoration to the toppled poles, disrupted lines and repair other facilities of AKELCO. In this time of calamities and devastation EC’s had shown solidarity with this #TaskforceKapatid.

Safety and Health Awareness Seminar

MORESCO-2 initiated a mandatory 8 hours Safety and Health Awareness Seminar to all employees today, December 19, 2019 and tomorrow, 20th of December at MORESCO II Headquarter Office, Medina, Misamis Oriental.

The occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation requires health and safety awareness traning for every worker and supervisor under the Occupational Health and Safety Act(OHSA).

This seminar focuses on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers. It also serves as a general introduction to workplace health and safety.

This year 2019 MORESCO-2 celebrates 4Oth Annual General Membership Assembly with the theme “Fulfilling the Vision of an Empowered Nation”.

Tinahud Namong Mga Miyembro-Konsumedor:

Ang Hunta Direktiba ning atong Kooperatiba sa MORESCO II, malipayong modapit kaninyo sa pagtambong sa atong ika-40 nga Tinuig na Panagtigum sa mga Miyembro-Konsumedor (40th Synchronized Annual General Membership Assembly) nga ipahigayon karong umalabot November 30, 2019 sa:

📍Arturo S. Lugod Gym, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental.
(Magsaysay, Gingoog City and Medina Area)

📍Kinoguitan Gym, Kinoguitan, Misamis Oriental.
(Talisayan, Balingoan, Kinoguitan, Sogbongcogon and
Binuangan Area)

📍Balingasag Gym, Misamis Oriental.
(Salay, Lagonglong, Balingasag and Jasaan Area)

📍Claveria Covered Court, Misamis Oriental.
(Claveria Area)

Ang pagrehistro sa Miyembro-Konsumedor nga mutambong maga-sugod sa alas 9:00-12:00 sa buntag, ug ang programa maga sugod sa ala 1:00 sa hapon, hangtud sa alas 5:00 sa kahapunon.

Ang maka apil sa panagtigum kadto lang ang naa nakabutang sa atong masterlist nga gi post sa inyong matag Barangay Hall ug wala kini Proxy.

Atong gihanyo ang mga miyembo-konsumedor tag-iya, aron mapadali ang pag rehistro sa pagdala sa ilang I.D. nga gi-issue sa MORESCO II. Alang niadtong wala pa nahatagan sa maong I.D. sa MORESCO II, gihangyo kamo sa pagdala sa pinakabag-o nga statement of account ug bisan unsa nga valid I.D.

Ang imong pagtambong importante kaau tungod kay ang atong mga opisyales ug tigdumala sa MORESCO II mopahibalo sa mga mahinungdanong butang nga may kalabutan sa pagpadagan sa atong kooperatiba.


1. Renewal of MORESCO II Franchise
2. Adaptation of Republic Act 10531 otherwise known as the “National Electrification Administration Act of 2013″
3. A Resolution Commending President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Sen. Sherwin T. Gatchalian for coming up with the law
on Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines Act or RA 11361

Busa sa kinasingkasing gidapit namo kamo sa pagtambong niining maong panagtigum.


Ako Padayon Pilipino Party-list

Cong. Adriano “Momot” A. Ebcas on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 meets with the officials of Misamis Oriental II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MORESCO II) to give an update on his achievements during his first 100 days in Congress.

He also discussed his plans of action on how he, and the Ako Padayon Pilipino Party-list, can be of assistance to MORESCO II and the MCOs that they serve.

Thank you, MORESCO II.

Magandang hapon po!




September 12 & 13, 2019 – MORESCO II initiated its yearly Barangay Electrician Accreditation Seminar participated by the accredited and new electricians from all the barangays within the coverage area. Our Board of Directors and our General Manager is also present during the program.

This seminar aims to give the basic industrial electricity understanding and ethical standards necessary to enhance practices in the workplace and improve efficiency and safety. This seminar also aims to speed up our electricians in their knowledge of basic electricity as quickly and safely as possible.

Electrical Efficiency and Safety really matters!

Tree Planting 2019

August 30, 2019 – In line with the 10th National Electrification Awareness Month, MORESCO II, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) initiated the Tree Planting Activity at the sea coast of Brgy. Candiis, Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental.

The said activity is being participated by the coop employees, staff, Brgy. Council of Candiis and Barangay Electrification Council of Empowered Member Consumers (BECEMC) Officers, wherein Mangrove seedlings were planted at the designated area. We also collaborated with the local communities of Brgy. Candiis for the protection and maintenance of the seedlings planted to assure its survival.

August 24, 2019

Medical-Dental-Feeding Program at Gumabon, Magsaysay

Our sincerest gratitude to all the sponsors and partner stakeholders for helping us making this Medical Mission and Feeding program a very successful activity.

Despite all the challenges, we still choose to continuously serve!


MORESCO II Blood-Letting Activity

Happening Now:

August 16, 2019 – MORESCO II conducted its Blood Letting activity with a theme: “Dugong Alay, Dugtong Buhay”, in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross, Medina Rural Health Unit and LGU Medina. The said blood-letting is a yearly activity of the Coop aims to convince blood donors to save the lives of those who need blood to survive. The activity is participated by the coop employees and the member-consumer owners.

August 15, 2019

NEAM – School Symposium at Sabal Memorial National High School

August 14, 2019

NEAM – School Symposium at Kinoguitan National High School.

10th National Electrification Awareness Month

In Celebration of the 10th National Electrification Awareness Month, MORESCO II conducts its series of Symposia to Schools to raise awareness to our member-consumers on the importance of electrification in the country and the role of the National Electrification Administration.

CONGRATULATIONS Crissia Jen Kaamiño!


2nd Place – Himig RE Competition


To address the problem on the Power Service Interruptions that we are currently experiencing in some areas within our Coverage Area, due to the bad weather and strong wind last August 3-5, 2019, our technical team is working double time so we can restore the power the soonest possible time in the affected areas from Magsaysay to Claveria.

Here are the images of our Technical Team working 24/7 on the damaged power lines since August 3, 2019 until at present.

We hope for your understanding

Please bear with us, WE ARE WORKING ON IT


MORESCO II joins the National Electrification Administration in the celebration of its 10th NATIONAL ELECTRIFICATION AWARENESS MONTH with a theme: “Fulfilling the Vision for an Empowered Nation!”

# August2019

NEA @ 50

Simultaneous Holding of a Thanksgiving Mass as a Gratitude for the Gold in celebration of the Golden Anniversary of the National Electrification Administration


July 29, 2019 / 7:00Am – MORESCO II is now having a Simultaneous Thanksgiving Celebration, together with the 121 Electric Cooperatives, by way of a Holy Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Robert Roy M. Pajo, for NEA’s Golden Anniversary and 50 Years of the Rural Electrification dubbed as Gratitude for the Gold participated by the MORESCO II Management, Board of Directors and employees.

This synchronized Holy Mass aims for continued commitment to a stronger partnership of NEA, ECs and the EC Allied Organizations in the pursuit of the Rural Electrification Program and to acknowledge with deep gratitude the opportunity to serve the Filipino people in the last five decades. This will also be the time to give thanks for the blessings that the NEA have received in its 50 years of existence along with the Electric Cooperatives.



MORESCO II’s delegation comprising of five (5) linemen and one (1) Technical Manager participate the Warriors of Light National Summit in Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines on July 24-25, 2019.

Our Mindanao Winning Teams during the Warriors of Light Mindanao Summit last December 2018 from MORESCO II, MORESCO I, FIBECO, BUSECO,LANECO, CAMELCO, MOELCI I and MOELCI II will join with the other linemen delegation from the other Electric Cooperatives all over the Philippines to showcase their talents in Pole Climbing, Pole Dressing & Undressing, Conductor Riding, Knot Tying and Spine Board Bandaging.

Our MORESCO II delegates are the following:
Engr. Roy G. Balingit – TSD Manager
Rey Ryan A. Biong – Construction Leadman
Ronaldo H. De Castro – SEOM Lineman
Andy M. Gallogo – ROW Clearing Lineman
Numeriano L. Anit Jr. – Area III Claveria Lineman
Redford C. Saboga-a – Maintenance Operation Lineman

This series of SUMMIT FOR OUR LINEMEN aims to inspire and strengthen solidarity in the Rural Electrification Movement, RECOGNIZING AND HONOURING the EFFORTS OF OUR LINEMEN, as one of the toughest profession in the industry, in the service of Rural Electrification.



With a proud heart, we Congratulate Ms. CRISSIA JENN KAAMIÑO, a singer – song writer from Medina, Misamis Oriental and a representative of MORESCO II, for being one of the Top 3 finalists for the Himig RE Song Writing Competition National Level of the National Electrification Administration.

The HIMIG RURAL ELECTRIFICATION is a song-writing competition primarily showcasing the pursuit of bringing the electricity to rural and remote areas in the Philippines with NEA and the Electric Cooperatives as the implementing arm of the Rural Electrification of the National Government.

Winners will be announced during the Dagitab Awards on August 8, 2019 at PICC in celebration of the 50 Golden Years of the National Electrification Administration.



MORESCO II, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, is inviting all capable blood donors to be part of this noble activity to donate blood so we can help and extend the lives of people in need. This Blood-letting activity will be on August 16, 2019 at exactly 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the MORESCO II Headquarter Administration Building in Medina, Misamis Oriental.

This activity is in line with the National Electrification Awareness Month (NEAM) which will coincide with the celebration on NEA’s Golden Anniversary that calls all Electric Cooperatives to raise awareness through initiating various activities that will encourage the MCO’s to participate.

For further information and other queries, please contact our HQ Office and look for Ms. Je Ann Pelias: 09178321475 / 09171204316


July 18, 2019 – AS PART of our continuing efforts to minimize power line shutdown in the 69KV power lines and efficiently serve our member-consumer owners, MORESCO II in partnership with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) conducts a 2-day Orientation Seminar on 69KV Line Maintenance to 42 MORESCO II technical men.

The foremost purpose of this seminar is to keep our employees safe while working on or around high voltage transmission and distribution system. This training also covers the operation and maintenance of power transmission and distribution equipments. The NGCP and MORESCO II specifically wants to ascertain the effects of powerline maintenance and its impact to our member-consumer owners

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PARTYLIST that has the advocacy and aspiration in continuing the Rural Electrification Program for the advancement of the lives of the people especially in Rural Areas.

OUR SINCEREST GRATITUDE TO ALL OUR MEMBER-CONSUMER OWNERS for your overwhelming support and in believing the advocacy of our Partylist!

Mabuhay ang Rural Electrification Movement!

Mabuhay ang mga EC Member-Consumer Owners!

Nationwide EC-MCO Solidarity Run

A nationwide EC-MCO Solidarity Run in celebration of the Golden Year of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) with 50 Years of Rural Electrification in the Philippines with the theme, “NEA @ 50: One with ECs and MCOs for Sustainable Rural Development”

May 1, 2019 – At exactly 5:15am MORESCO II started the Nationwide EC-MCO Simultaneous SOLIDARITY RUN for a CAUSE at the M2 Headquarter Office Medina. It was participated by the MORESCO II Board of Directors, Management and Employees, together with the Member-Consumer Owners. The race categories included 3K and 5K run.

Even non-runners who are not used to waking up so early in the morning surely had good reasons to rise early to be able to join the “RUN FOR A CAUSE”. KODUS to all participants who participated the “RUN FOR LIGHT”!

Solidarity Run


NEA Admin Edgardo R Masongsong Birthday

MORESCO II GM Birthday Message

Class of 2019

Congratulations Graduates and Proud Parents on this momentous event! You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and now you’re on your way to seek new dreams. Embrace life with passion and keep reaching for your star!
Wishing you that brighter opportunities and success come your way!

Congratulations Graduates of 2019!

Women’s Month Culminating Activity

March 29, 2019 – MORESCO II initiated its annual whole-day Women’s Month Culminating Activity held at Medina, Misamis Oriental, pursuant to Philippine Proclamation No. 227 s. 1988, the annual conduct of the National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) which aims to give due recognition to the contributions of Filipino women in our society. It is being participated by the Women Sector Representatives of our Barangay Electrification Council of Empowered Member-Consumers (BECEMC). We prepared various activities for the participating women which include a Forum facilitated by Dr. Jocelyn I. Pantalion, a Lifestyle Medicine Physician, who talks about Wellness on Lifestyle and Diet. Other activities also include pampering of the participating women which involves hair grooming and nail care such us manicure and pedicure.

“We Make Change Work For Women!”

Congratulations Graduates and Proud Parents on this momentous event! You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and now you’re on your way to seek new dreams. Embrace life with passion and keep reaching for your star!
Wishing you that brighter opportunities and success come your way!

MORESCO II Member Consumer Profiling per Barangay

National Women’s Month Celebration

Pursuant to Philippine Proclamation No. 227 s. 1988, the annual conduct of the National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) aims to give due recognition to the contributions of Filipino women in our society.

With this, MORESCO II joins the 2019 NATIONAL WOMEN’s MONTH CELEBRATION on March 8, 2019 at the Medina Covered Court South Poblacion, Medina, Misamis Oriental.

A Caravan around the Municipality was initiated by the LGU Medina and participated by the different government and private sectors. Mabuhay ang mga Kababaihan!



Coastal Clean Up Drive Activity

MORESCO II participated and supported the Coastal Clean Up Drive Activity of LGU Medina on March 2, 2019, headed by our General Manager Engr. Ronel Cañada, accompanied by our Department Managers and Employees.

This Clean Up Campaign is a community-based environmental initiative that inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

Empowering people to take an active role in the preservation and cleaning up of the seas are important aspects in the conservation of the ocean. Everyone should play a part in order to keep our environment safe and clean.

We believe that this Coastal Clean-up Drive is our chance to really make a difference and help others to do the same!


First MSEAC-BECEMC-Brgy. Electricians Congress at Balingasag Gym.

1st Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory Council(MSEAC)- Brgy. Electrification Council of Empowered Member Consumers (BECEMC)- Brgy. Electricians Congress at Balingasag Gymnasium

FAREWELL to our former Board of Director:


Our Deepest Sympathy and Condolences to the bereaved family.

February 14, 2019

Happening now:

A Press Conference is being conducted today at the MORESCO II New Administration Building Board Room with the Media Partners to explain the purpose and manifestation of this BLACK VALENTINE Movement.

MORESCO II Black Valentine

This coming February 14, 2019, let us all WEAR BLACK TO FIGHT BACK! 👊🏿

All 121 electric cooperatives nationwide will once again make their voices be heard through a simultaneous Black Valentine’s Day Protest over the discriminatory treatment of the Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso Gaba Cusi towards the electric cooperatives!

The nationwide manifestation aims to increase the awareness of the MCOs and the public about the hostile action of DOE Secretary Alfonso Gaba Cusi against the electric coops by giving more favor and courtesy to the private businessmen who are interested over the operation of the ECs. To think, he should have protected the electric cooperatives for being the father of the energy sector!

#WearBlacktoFightBack #GOBLACKtoBLOCKCusi!



Our linemen is often exposed to more hazard than any other person in the workforce and therefore should be fully equipped and be reminded with the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Basic Construction Guide and Compliances for them to apply it on their daily tasks.

With this, MORESCO II conducted a Lineman’s Refresher Training to our technical team and was attended by all our linemen & leadmen, including all our Engineers.

Present during the training is our General Manager Engr. Ronel B. Cañada and our Technical Services Department Manager Engr. Roy G. Balingit. The following are our in-house speakers:

On Basic Construction Structure
Engr. Rolando Hisoler – AMD Chief

On Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
Engr. Joe Vincent Castino – Safety Officer

On Metering
Engr.Rey Mark Cagais – Metering Section Head

On Knot Tying
Rolando De Castro – Lineman

On Spine Board Bandaging
Rey Ryan Biong – Leadman

On Pole Dressing
Rey Daguit – Lineman

On Pole Undressing
Numeriano Anit – Lineman

On Pole Climbing
Redford Sabugaa – Lineman
Ryan Cabillan – Lineman

On Conductor Riding
Andy Gallogo – Lineman
Romulo Gallano – Lineman

One bad day or one faulty wiring may ruin a whole town’s day or someone’s life. So, it is critical for a lineman to dedicate his time and energy needed to do the job right.

MORESCO II Linemen are always READY TO SERVE!

MORESCO II – NEA-EC-MCO Solidarity Dance

In celebration of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) 50th Anniversary with a theme: “NEA @ 50: One with ECs and MCOs for Sustainable Rural Development”, MORESCO II came up with a Solidarity Dance in connection with the NEA’s initiative to produce a video production to promote the achievements of the Rural Electrification Program in almost five decades geared toward raising awareness of people on the program up to the grassroots level.

The NEA-EC-MCO Solidarity Dance featuring the Rural Electrification Program song is entitled “ILaw ng Bayan” aims to instill awareness of various stakeholders on the gains and legacies of Rural Electrification achieved with the solid partnership of NEA and ECs, strengthened by the involvement of the Member-Consumer Owners.

The MORESCO II officials and employees, together with our Barangay Electrification Council of Empowered Member Consumers (BECEMC) are united in our performance as we showcase the popular places in our coverage area.

Mabuhay ang Rural Electrification!

Mabuhay ang National Electrification Administration!

NEA @ 50 Solidarity Dance

The Difference Between UNSCHEDULED & SCHEDULED Power Interruption