Application Process

– Applicant of Service Connection is required to attend the Pre- Membership Orientation Seminar (PMOS) scheduled every Wednesday 9:00 AM

–  Applicant of Service Connection is advised to hire a barangay electrician to do the house wiring installation and to process the required Electrical Papers

Ie. Electrical Permit, Electrical Plan, Bill of Materials

– When all the Electrical Papers has been completed the applicant is advised to submit it to the ISD of MORESCO II for the schedule of inspection by the Electrical Inspector.

– After the conducted inspection of house wiring installation the applicant is advised to see the ISD of MORESCO for the payment of:

1.  Service Drop Wire deposit (P23.50/Meter)
2. Meter Box (P240.00)
3. Energy Deposit
4. Inspection Fee
5. Membership Fee (P5.00)
6. Notarial Fee + VAT (22.40)

– The applicant is advised also to submit their certificate of attendance, issued during the Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar, a copy of their latest Residential Certificate, for the filing of Membership application.

– After which all the requirements and payments has been made, the applicant is advised to wait for the schedule of Energization.



Reading and Billing Process

Like all other electric utilities, MORESCO II maintains a monthly billing cycle of reading of each individual consumer’s electric meters and serving the respective billing statement of accounts.

It may be noted that in the reading and billing processes, MORESCO II meter-readers or MRCs are equipped with electronic pda devices (Psion Workabount) to ensure a timely, accurate and reliable billing of kwh consumption of each consumer.

Billing rates are first prepared by the Billing Head of the Finance Services Department and checked by the Manager of the Finance Services Department.  Once the rate preparation is approved by the latter, this will be downloaded by the System Administrator to each respective MORESCO II sub-offices.  The rates along with the consumer data shall then be downloaded by route to the Psion by the MRC Head.

The actual reading shall be done by the MRCs who will then issue a Billing Statement to the consumers.  The readings then will be uploaded by the respective MRCs to the server. The billing section will process the uploaded reading for posting to the individual ledger of the consumers.

Collection Process

MORESCO II employs the both the MRCs to conduct the field collections, and Tellers stationed in collection centers of offices to collect payments from walk-in consumers.

The MRCs get the Official Receipts from the Power Bill Custodian, after which he will proceed to the Account Monitoring In-charge to get the list of the consumers for collection. He shall then conduct a field collection, and afterwards he shall proceed to the sub-office to post the collection and generate the collection report. Together with the withdrawn Official Receipts, he shall forward the collection report to the Power Bill Custodian for the checking and summing up of collection.

The Power Bill Custodian then will forward the collection report and the withdrawn Official Receipts to the teller for integration of the collection to the TDCR (Teller’s Daily Collection Report), which will then be the basis of the MRC collection remittance.

Meanwhile, the Teller’s primary duty is to receive collection from the walk-in consumers and remittance of collection from the MRCs.  At the end of the day, this will be integrated, both collections from the walk-in consumers and the MRCs.  The same teller is responsible for the integration of these two collections, by integrating the same in the TDCR which will be the basis for the preparation of the deposit slip to be forwarded to the Area Manager for deposit purposes.



Disconnecton Notices

After the kwh reading period, the Account Monitoring In-charge shall prepare or print the disconnection notices by route.  The disconnection notices are for the delinquent consumers who have accumulated more than one (1) unpaid bills. The disconnection notices shall then be given served by the notice server to the delinquent consumers’ for their information and possible action.  A copy of this notice shall be returned to the Account Monitoring In-charge.  After 48 hours the Account Monitoring In-charge shall check whether or not those who have received the disconnection notices have paid their bills.

Disconnection Orders

The Disconnection Head will prepare and distribute the disconnection orders to the disconnection crew responsible for the disconnection.  However, prior to the final disconnection, the disconnection crew shall further inform the delinquent consumers about the order for disconnection from the management.  If payment is done outright, no disconnection shall be done.  If no payment is made, then the disconnection will be executed.

Reconnection Process

The disconnected consumer shall refer or make inquiry at the Consumers Welfare Desk Officer, who will then refer the said consumer to the Disconnected Account In-charge, who will then prepare the billing statement.

If full payment is done by the disconnected consumer, he will be advised to proceed to the teller for full payment.  The said disconnection consumer shall then proceed to the Area Manager for the reconnection order and the same will be forwarded to the metering in-charge who will then turn-over the kwh meter to the CWDO for the issuance of service memo to be given to the lineman for the execution and return the copy of the service memo to the CWDO.

In case of partial payment, he will be advised to see the Area Manager or Powerbill Custodian in HQ, who will prepare the settlement agreement.  The disconnected consumer then will be advised to pay to the teller for the agreed settlement.  This agreed settlement will then be brought by the disconnected consumer to the disconnected account in-charge who will forward the same to the area manager for the preparation of the reconnection order.  This will be forwarded to the metering in-charge who will then turn-over the kwh meter to the CWDO for the issuance of service memo to be given to the lineman for the execution and return the copy of the service memo to the CWDO.

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